Atidna Association opens 3 High tech courses with the participation of 84 female and male students

“With the participation of 84 male and female students and blessed by the Minister of Social Equality, the Atidna association opened on Sunday 31.07.2022 three courses to qualify and prepare the young men and women from the Arab community to integrate into the hi-tech industry with the participation of the Elevation company. The opening ceremony was held at the hi-tech company Playtika International, which hosted the event, opened the ceremony with a special blessing given by the Minister of Social Equality, Mrs. Mirav Cohen, where she blessed the students for their participation in the Atidna program at the Haitian and said: “I will bless the participants in the Itidna program at the Haitian to start their new path to integration in the Haitian industry, and this is good news for the entire Israeli society . The integration of the Arab youth in the Israeli Haitian field will affect not only you but the society and you will be a celebrated example and proof that nothing is impossible.”

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