Our Projects

The goal

Building a brave Arab-Jewish leadership that will initiate the integration revolution in the State of Israel by developing unique leadership programs that build a strong, independent and integrated Israeli Arab community in Israeli society.

A three-stage plan





Children and Youth

Graduates of schools volunteer leadership programs

Hi-tech directors scholarship program

Tools & Content

Personal and interpersonal skills

The community and the state

Professional and occupational skills

Target Audience



For our future

Our Projects

Atidna Youth

Atidna youth movement in the Arab society

Atidna Students

Scholarship and volunteer program

Atidna in Hi-tech

Training and placement of workers in the high-tech field



Active citizens striving for equality in the State of Israel


About Atidna

The Atidna movement is a non-profit organization that was established in 2018 in order to answer the above challenge.

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