Why Atidna

Atidna is a brave partnership

The Atidna movement is a non-profit organization that was established in 2018 in order to meet the above challenge. We, Israeli educators, society and entrepreneurship, believe that true integration will only begin when all of us, Arabs as Jews, are seen by the Arab-Israeli public as partners with equal rights in a Jewish state and democratic.

The Challenge

After more than 70 years of growth, Israeli society is immersed in a deep crisis of internal trust from which a great and unsolved challenge arises: the full and successful integration of the Arabs into Israeli society.

The reason for the crisis of trust, in our understanding, is not a lack of plans or efforts, but rather the lack of a movement in the spirit of Atidna that boldly addresses the Arab-Jewish majority that is interested in such integration.

Our voice is clear: the time has come for Arab leadership that will abandon separatism and lead to successful integration and the time has come for the Jewish public in Israel, as well as its political leadership, to see the Arab citizens as full partners in the further building of the Israeli state and society, in the present and in the future. Together, Arabs and Jews, we will work together to strengthen and strengthen the State of Israel for the sake of all of us.

The Arab partners

We are proud of our identity, our culture, our language, and our Arab roots, and they are the ones who give us the strength to recognize the State of Israel as a Jewish-democratic state in its essence.

We are convinced that this recognition has the power to break down the walls of fear among our fellow Jews, and to pave a new path in the long struggle started by our forefathers for the full equality of the Arabs in the State of Israel. We know that many of the Arabs feel like us, and that there are also quite a few who think otherwise.

Therefore, we willingly volunteered to raise the flag of change and lead the way to it among the communities in which we live.

The Jewish partners

We, Jewish Israelis who belong to the national camp, appreciate our Arab partners for their brave initiative and support it wholeheartedly.

We feel a supreme civic and national duty to fight shoulder to shoulder with our Arab friends, for civil equality for the Arab citizens in the State of Israel.

We recognize the fact that many in the national camp refuse to see Arabs in Israel as equal citizens. We see this as a mistake and even a deviation from the basic values of the national camp, and believe that our shared vision is of enormous importance for securing the future of Israeli society.

Therefore, we took it upon ourselves to break ground and recruit as many partners as possible for the sake of partnership and integration.


We, the Arabs and the Jews

We joined together to build a model society in Israel, to fight the harsh voices within us and to encourage the spirits of reconciliation in the small streets and high windows, among the public and the establishment.

We are aware of the gravity of the task, feel it and understand that these statements will be tested in difficult times. Nevertheless, we have joined together to spread this consensus and realize it on a symbolic level and even more so on a practical level.

In our mind’s eye, we see a peaceful, successful and confident country, which maintains an internal equilibrium within itself, in which its identity does not cloud its equality and its equality does not detract from its identity.

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