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The need
There are very few scholarships offered to Arab students and even those that exist are granted mainly on the basis of socioeconomic status and not according to other matching parameters which combine leadership skills, desire and ability to volunteer and educate youth.



According to the data of the Council for Higher Education, the share of the Arab students in the Israeli academy is as follows: The current number of Arab students and a decade ago:

About a decade ago
Despite the significant increase described above, the data of the Council for Higher Education indicate a significantly higher dropout rate in the first year of studies. In addition, there is an increase in the number of Arab students who prefer studying in non-Israeli universities. Atidna’s solution: Atidna’s scholarship program started in 2020 and intended to help students with leadership potential, in the spirit of Atidna’s values, to lead youth and bring about change in the Arab society in Israel. Atidna’s scholars volunteer in the Atidna youth movement and are a role model for the young people in the movement. The Atidna scholarship is intended for Israeli Arab students studying for a bachelor’s degree in Israeli institutions recognized by the Council for Higher Education. The need is to create communities of Arab students and academics connected to Atidna’s values, committed to volunteering, involvement and giving within the Arab society, and constitute an ever-expanding bridge for the Arabs to the leading fields of activity in the economy. Atidna’s scholarship program helps students successfully complete their studies here in Israel, and provides them with tools, skills and a supportive social network that will help them get accepted to quality jobs at the end of their studies.

The targets of the program

Cultivating leadership skills and training among students with leadership potential from Arab society, in order to strengthen and grow children and youth in Arab society and in order to be a role model for them in the spirit of the values of the Atidna's movement.

Strengthening the sense of competence among the Arab students through professional support and as part of seminars and enrichment programs during the degree.

Increasing the number of Arab students studying for a bachelor's degree in Israeli higher education institutions

Building a learning, supportive and stable community for years after graduation

Financial support

Atidna’s scholarship for undergraduate students in the amount of NIS 5000. The scholarship will be awarded in two stages (beginning and end of the school year)

In 2021 Atidna awarded about 100 scholarships (in the amount of 10 thousand NIS) for students who met the criteria for receiving the scholarship.

Eligibility for the Atidna’s scholarship will be approved and reviewed by the Atidna Scholarship Steering Committee. The Committee is made up of people from education and society, Arabs and Jews, who have significant experience in management and teaching in formal and informal education institutions.

What makes us special? Structure and content!

Most of the scholarship programs that exist today grant scholarships mainly according to the student’s socioeconomic status. Atidna also gives priority to the student’s skills and abilities.


Atidna’s scholarship program accompanies the student throughout the degree, holds seminars in which scholars are awarded trainings, soft skills and enrichment content. After graduation, the scholars join the Atidna’s community and many possibilities to integrate into the continuation plans of the organization are opened to them.


In addition to the financial support to cover the annual tuition fee of NIS 5000, Atidna offers 2 seminars, in civics and personal empowerment, and about 50 hours of professional experience in leadership, education and youth leadership.

Financial support

Inspirational content seminars and enrichment

Community involvement and hands-on experience

Atidna community model

Each Atidna scholar will experience leadership in a practical way through Atidna youth training.

Registration for next year is closed. See you next year

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