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The need

One of the main growth engines of Israel’s economy is Israeli high-tech which is a source of Israeli pride in the world. The number of Arabs participating in the high-tech labor market is very low relative to their size in the population, less than 3%. In Atidna, we believe that Israeli high-tech is an engine for successful integration. There is a huge shortage of Israeli high-tech workers and various companies are forced to recruit workers abroad.

Atidna's solution

The Atidna high-tech program started in 2019 and works for the training and placement of young members of Arab society in high-tech companies in Israel. The program consists of a bootcamp of 3 months of training followed by close supervision until placement in a job with an average salary of NIS 16,000.

At the same time as the training, the students go through seminars in the spirit of Atidna’s values and they are also obliged to volunteer hours and accompany youth in their community.

The Atidna program in high-tech is designed to help young Arabs integrate into the Israeli high-tech industry in quality jobs.

Through various ‘bootcamp’ courses lasting about three months, Atidna trains high-tech academics with the appropriate background and abilities to integrate into the industry. The course is delivered in collaboration with Elevation, which then assists the graduates in job interviews and in finding suitable jobs for them and with adequate wages.

We believe in the power of this program to create success stories that will serve as role models for young Arabs and allow them to be an engine for internal social change and pave the way for the integration of the Arabs into the Israeli success story.

Among the companies that recruited our graduates:

The targets of the program

Increasing the number of Israeli Arabs working in the Israeli high-tech industry and from this their successful integration into Israeli society

Improving the skills and soft skills that help to successfully pass interviews and admission processes for the profession, and improving teamwork skills

Guidance to social involvement and the cultivation of the desire to contribute and promote the Arab society in Israel in the spirit of Atidna's values

What makes us special


An innovative learning experience using the most advanced methods in the field


Contact, networking and proximity to the leading companies in the industry


Rich experience in coaching and training communities that are underrepresented in the industry


A supportive and rich social network over time!

מטרות מקצועיות

Write code using both Javascript and Python programming languages

Master the practicality of automated manual processes and software testing

Be able to write professional, industry-level code

Be able to succeed and pass job interviews

Design, develop and execute tests using scripts

Build automation tools and frameworks

Registration and cost

Registration for the program

In order to be admitted to the program, you must fill out the registration form for the course and wait for the notification in the next step.

Acceptance is conditional on passing a personal interview with the joint Steering Committee of Atidna and Elevation, after meeting the threshold conditions for the program, including success in a designated suitability test for the program.


The cost of a student in training is NIS 25,000 and is entirely financed by Atidna.

The student is not required to pay anything out of pocket! He/She is only required to succeed!

Ghazal Agbaria

“The Elevation-Atidna course gave me technological tools that I didn’t get during my university studies. Tools that are difficult to integrate without them in the industry, in addition to social skills and a significant improvement in the English language”

מג'יד אבו דבאי


“The Elevation program gave me very extensive knowledge in the web world. I feel that after this course I am ready to start my career in the web world. The advantage of this program is that everything is organized, the material is delivered in a very good way by a very professional team”

The challenge

The Israeli high-tech industry is considered a leader in the world. However, although about 21% of Israeli society are Arabs, the share of young Arabs working in Israeli hi-tech companies is only 3-5%. The challenge is to bring to full use the great Arab potential which remains unrealized.

Social involvement and Atidna community

Each student in the training program commits to 120 hours of volunteering in the Atidna community, which are spread throughout the course and at its end.

The volunteering includes meetings with Arab youth who participate in the various Atidna activities and their guidance.

We see the graduates of the program as role models for the youth and their meeting with the graduates, as such that helps a lot to promote the targets of the movement.

In addition, during the program the students will participate in two seminars (one-day) which will be dedicated to enrichment of Atidna and the leading values of the movement in the fields of citizenship, leadership and identity.

Our graduates

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