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Atidna's vision

An Arab-Jewish partnership based on mutual respect and full civil equality in the State of Israel as a Jewish-democratic state. A strong Arab community, proud of its culture and heritage, which is integrated into Israeli society.

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The social innovation

Atidna is a coalition of educators and social entrepreneurs, Arab citizens of Israel, together with Jews from the National-Zionist camp in Israel.

The mission

Building a young and courageous leadership of Arabs and Jews, who have equal rights and duties, and who are proud of their identity and culture and are committed to the challenge of the successful integration of the Arab minority in the State of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state. The movement works to create a critical human mass connected to Atidna values by developing and leading child, youth and student empowerment programs.

The words of the President of the State of Israel,

“Atidna movement promotes a vision of a common society, respect and mutual guarantee between Jews and Arabs to build the future generation of the State of Israel.”


From the words of Mr. Isaac Herzog, President of the State of Israel, at the Israeli Presidential Medal of Honor Ceremony, awarding the President’s Medal to Dr. Dalia Fadila, Partner-CEO in Atidna.

Our programs

Atidna youth

Atidna youth movement in the Arab society

Atidna students

Scholarship and volunteer program

Atidna in high-tech

Training and job placement in the high-tech field


The Institute for Young Leadership

Active citizens striving for equality in the State of Israel

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