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The Arab youth lacks informal education frameworks. There is no Arab youth movement in Arab society. The active youth movements in Arab society are affiliated with the Jewish youth movements and usually do not meet the needs of the Arab youth. This is also the reason for the minority participation of the Arab youth in informal education frameworks.

Atidna's solution

Our flagship program is the Atidna youth movement which was established in 2018 and operates in many Arab communities throughout the country in grades 4-12. The movement educates in the spirit of Atidna’s values, for integration and social involvement in Arab and Israeli society as a whole and accompanies its members after graduating from high school in follow-up programs.

The leading values

Arab identity and culture

Arab identity and culture

Being proud of the Arab identity, a deep and binding connection to heritage, customs, language, family values, and the community and the various religions.


Atidna’s youth movement will educate its members for active citizenship and social involvement. The movement will help its graduates integrate, both through learning the Hebrew language and through imparting leadership and social skills, in academia, economics, and in general public life in Israel.
Eradication of the phenomenon of violence

Eradication of the phenomenon of violence

Atidna youth movement will educate and work for a persistent combat against the phenomenon of violence in Arab society. Tolerance, dialogue and mutual respect will form the foundation of the educational process in the movement.
Responsibility and excellence

Responsibility and excellence

Atidna’s youth movement will commit to promoting excellence, raising the sense of competence and increasing the youth’s belief in their personal abilities, through cultivating leadership and imparting effective tools to excel in all areas of life, not only for the personal benefit of the movement’s members, but also for the benefit of all the citizens of Israel.

The targets of the movement

Grow the next generation of leadership of Arab society in Israel.

Encourage and guide the members of the movement to responsibility, excellence, social involvement and volunteering.

Provide the members of the movement with the skills and abilities to bring about change in Arab society and integrate into the Israeli success story.

Provide the Arab youth with an alternative to the trend of separatism, which works to achieve full civil equality alongside civil involvement and volunteering.

The movement structure and main objectives



Grades 4-6



Grades 7-10



Grades 11-12


Joint meetings and activities for Arabs and Jews who share Atidna's vision.

Involvement and volunteering for the community, education for social solidarity for equality and hope, successful integration, love of country, strengthening the relationship with Arab society in Israel in particular, and Israeli society in general.

Current educational activities according to the agenda and the present need, and as defined from time to time by the Atidna's movement.

Training and further education for young and mature instructors through the movement's training center.

Unique educational initiatives of the movement within the Arab local authorities and in cooperation with those who share Atidna's vision.

Various volunteer activities for the community and on behalf of the movement.

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